Kalanggaman, postcard-perfect island in Leyte

5 days vacation isn’t enough to explore Leyte. This place has so much to offer just like my hometown, bicol region.

Balikon tika, a visayan language for babalikan kita. I will surely come back and explore more of Leyte.

Kalanggaman island is just one of the best destination you shouldn’t miss when visiting Leyte. Quadro islas, Camotes island, Canigao Island are just some of many more reasons to come back.

The Kalanggaman Island

Located in the municipality of Palompon Leyte, the pristine island, crystal clear water, white powdery sand and the long  sand bar was just wow, truly amazing creation!

Based on research, to preserve the beauty of the place, local tourism office allows maximum of 500 guests only per day.

The stay

We arrived at the Tourism office at 12noon. No reservation, good thing they accept walk-ins even if it’s peak season. The kalanggaman adventure was unplanned, I and Arquint (a new friend and used to be my local guide) was supposed to go to Quadro Islas as what we have discussed day before, but for some reason we did not push through the plan.

In the morning at 8am, Arquint asked me if we’re pushing through the Kalanggaman, tatanggi ba ako? 😝 Funny, I was able to convince Ate and Kuya Edwin to come with me. Welcome to Sethravels, guys! 😂

Unplanned adventure is always the best!

We don’t have any packed lunch, we have to buy chips, bread and bottled water as we were advised by the officers that departure at the island back to the port was at 5:30pm. There are stores at Port where you can request to cook rice and processed foods for you. Sadly, we do not have enough time to do such. We left the port at 12:00nn.

In the island, there are pork bbq, chicken bbq, hotdog, rice and etc for sale. But I bet you don’t want to spend too much for your lunch. Pork bbq cost 100php per stick & 50php per stick for chicken bbq.  Reasonable though because you’re in the middle of the sea. So , you know what to do? 👩🏻‍🌾

Swimming, picture taking, snorkeling were just some of the activities you can enjoy. I enjoyed more the sitting-under-the coconut-tree siesta. ☺️💆🏻

At 17:15, the boat arrived to fetch us but we didn’t leave the island right away because of these 3 guys, they’re missing! The bangkero looked for them until 6pm but found nothing. I don’t know what happened to them. So when we arrived at the port, it’s too late, there were no public van anymore. We have to ride habal-habal a single motorcycle from Palompon to Ormoc. It’s a two hours ride by the habal-habal by the way? 😫 We took the short rocky road route, when I say rocky road it means, it is an unfinished road full of rocks in the kalsada that it will make you feel like its you’re last day here on earth because to add to that, the other side of the road was bangin. It will truly take you’re breath away sa sobrang kaba and will make your adrenaline rush to the next level. Plus, in the middle of the trip a snake (sawa to be exact) lying straightly on the road, nakaharang sa daan, sleeping i think? Busog ata si bessy? 🐍 So, is this what you call adventure? 😅

Below are just some of the photos I captured that will convince you to visit this island.


White powdery sand, crystal clear water, and the sandbar. That’s Arquint, my new friend and my guide ☺️

How to get to Kalanggaman Island

From Tacloban Airport, ride a tricycle to Tacloban Bus Terminal. From there, ride a van to Palompon.

From Ormoc (where we came from), ride a van to Palompon.

2-3 hours drive to Palompon.

From Palompon terminal, ride a tribike or potpot as what locals call it. Though it’s a walking distance to the Port where the Tourism office is, riding the potpot can help locals. Paying them 5php per person is not  bad right? ☺️

From port, go to the registration, pay fees, then locals will guide you to your assigned boat. 30 minutes boat ride to the island.

Money matters 💸

Daytour Rate: Php150 per pax

Overnight Rate: Php225 per pax 

Boat Rentals:

• 3000 – 15 persons below
• 3500 – 16 to 25 persons
• 4000 – 26 to 30 persons

Cottage Rentals:

• 250 – 15 persons below
• 500 – 16 to 25 persons
• 700 – 26 to 30 persons

Contact number: +63 917 303 7267


  • Bring your own baon. Food in the island was too expensive 😭
  • There’s market beside the port. There are grilling station in the island. Bringing your own cooking set is allowed.
  • Reservation is a must, though they also accept walk-ins. But better reserve your slot to avoid hassle.
  • No electricity in the island. If you’re staying overnight, bring your own source of light (flashlight, lamp & etc.)
  • If planning for a day trip, make sure to be there as early as 8am, maybe? 😬
  • Van transpo back to the city is until 6:30pm only.
  • If you’re into sunset chasing like me, I suggest to stay overnight. The sunset in the Island was breathtaking.
  • There are public rest rooms with no fee however, water here are salt water 💁🏻🤔
  • There are no private resorts in the island, bringing of tent is allowed. There are Nipa Hut that you can rent for day tour stay.
  • There are life guard on-duty from the main island upto the long sand bar.
  • If you hate crowded beach, avoid visiting this island during summer and long weekends.

Side Trips

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset
The Sibugay Mountain Resort in Albuera, Leyte. A resort on top of a mountain, yup! There are swimming pools, cottages and slides; I wasn’t able to take photo of it because I was too busy with the silky water effect of my P9, capturing that mini dam right there 😂👆🏻
The Burawin Falls at San Pedro Albuera, Leyte. According to my local guide, I was the first traveler to trek this falls. I’m happy and proud of it.

Going far places has always been close to my heart. I like secluded places, I love discovering new destination, meeting new friends and immerging myself in others culture.

I went to Leyte with no itinerary. Unplanned trip are always better than the planned ones. It makes me feel wanting for more, wondering what awaits and feeling more excited about what will happen.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, let’s get lost!

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~ Seth 💁🏻


Author: Seth Aquino

I'm a nature lover - wandering around, collecting moments with my camera. Always excited to share with you my travel stories and inspire you to travel the world too.

3 thoughts on “Kalanggaman, postcard-perfect island in Leyte”

  1. Wow stunning place and pictures along with description.

    Two suggestion I would give for your post:

    1) Put the country and city of these places. I am giving a wild guess these are in Philippines.

    2) Language issue for international tourist if any.

    3) Estimated USD conversion amount for the local amount to facilitate international viewers who might be looking at your post.


    1. Hi! Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll update this article and take note of that for my next blog. Appreciate it ☺️❤️
      Thanks for reading. Come visit Philippines! 😁


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