A glimpse of paradise: Lake Pandin, San Pablo Laguna

March 29, 2017. It was my beshie’s 25th birthday.

She requested for an out of town birthday getaway. Who am I to refuse?#bestiesduty

This travel was special to me because I was able to convince Mama to come with us or should I say backpacking with us. I bet she loves to travel too 🙂

Lake Pandin is more or less your 1,000 pesos getaway. Your 1k includes transportation and food already plus your instagrammable photos. Why not?

Lake Pandin is one of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo City in the province of Laguna. It is said to be the most popular and pristine among the seven lakes. It has a total surface area of 20.5 hectares and an average depth of 200 feet. Hope to visit also the remaining 6 lakes within the year.

I liked it there, the place isn’t crowded. It was serene, quite and beautiful. The view was mesmerizing, you can feel nature’s touch of fresh air. It is actually called the El-nido of Laguna.

From Manila, it will take 2-3 hours to reach this destination.

HOW TO GET THERE (via commute)

  • From Manila – ride a jac liner or any bus in Buendia bound to Lucena. Drop at SM San Pablo, from here, ride a jeepney to San Pablo proper. Walk to 7/11 located near the church and ride a jeepney going to Ilog. Just tell the driver to drop you to Pandin lake. There’s a short trek to get to the lake.


  • Bus fare from MNL (vise versa): P127.00
  • Jeep fare from SM San Pablo to San Pablo proper (vise versa) : Php8.00
  • Jeep fare from San Pablo proper to Ilog (vise versa): Php8.00
  • 2 hours bamboo rafting inclusive of lunch: Php400.00 per person (3 pax)

Total: Php686.00 + your personal expense on your discretion

Make sure to contact Ate Tina (+63 907 995 2983) to make a reservation before visiting this place.

Special thanks to Ate Tina, I asked her a favor to setup some birthday banner and buy cake so we have a little surprise for beshie. She’s the best. People here are so genuine, upon arrival, they were all shouting and singing ” Happy Birthday”. I love the people here.



Our guide pulling the bamboo raft to the other side of Lake.


Surrounded by greens.


See the happiness in her face? I’d love to take you anywhere. I love you, Mama.

Rafting to the other side of the world. Char!

2 hours was spent for taking photos only.

I was panicking, isn’t obvious? Wearing life vest is required for safety purposes.
We had our lunch on a cottage at the other side of the lake, the meals were delicious. The food was simple yet flavorful for 400.00 per pax. Sulit!
bestie’s job is to take the best birthday instagram photo.
Your wish is my command, beshie-beshie!

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Author: Seth Aquino

I'm a nature lover - wandering around, collecting moments with my camera. Always excited to share with you my travel stories and inspire you to travel the world too.

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