Call of Adventure: Backpacking in Pangasinan

Been talking about going out on a weekend. Planned to go to Baler, Pangasinan, Laguna, Batangas and so forth.
Then finally a day before “Tara, let’s go backpacking to Pangasinan”.

No plans, no advance bookings.

While on the road, go get your phone, hit the google then look for a place (Thanks to Dexter for organizing this last minute trip). 

Day 01

Rock View Beach Patar Bolinao, Pangasinan

Rock View has a wonderful accomodation, you will experience rustic days here by staying in kubo/cottages. It was serene, silent and very relaxing.

Lucky us, we got the entire place all for ourselves. At the last minute we called Rock View to book accommodation. No hassle since it’s low season. We also asked them to pick us up at the terminal via tricycle.

It’s a 7-hour travel time from Manila to Bolinao. We arrived at Rock View Resort at around 5:30pm, just in time for the spectacular sunset.


Day 02

Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan

Although I am not fond of developed beaches, I still enjoyed my stay in Hundred Islands. Finally, I can now scratch off Pangasinan in my scratch map PH. 😉

I’ve always wondered “How many islands does the Hundred Islands National Park actually have“?

I asked Kuya Brando,

Seth: Kuya, bakit hundred islands?

Kuya: 123 islands po kasi to Mam, pero pangit naman pakinggan kung hundred twenty three islands kaya hundred islands lang ang pinangalan.

Hehe. Funny. Ginalingan niya sumagot. Uwian na 😂

We stayed in one of the transient house just in front of Lucaf Wharf (sorry I forgot the transient’s name. Lol). Started island hopping at 7am, we only covered 4 major islands. First was the Governor’s Island, where the longest zip-line is situated (which I did not try because the heck I’m afraid of height 😞)and floating bridge going to a nearby island. Second was the Lopez Island, my favorite part,  where we stayed for an hour and swam freely, lucky us we got the entire place all for ourselves again. Third was the Macapagal Island, where you could do snorkeling and see giant clams. Last was the Quezon Island, where we stayed and took our lunch.

We were back in Lucaf at 11:30am just in time for 12nn check-out. No more extension because, my gawd, it’s 300php per hour. 😁


Side trips: 

  • Lighthouse (no entrance fee)
  • Patar white beach (no entrance fee, real quick visit so we didn’t rent a cottage)
  • Sungayan floating restaurant (see below photo for menu rates)
  • Maxine’s Restaurant at Lucaf Wharf  (you should not miss this, a bit costy but it’s worth it, swear! ✋)
The lighthouse
At Patar White Beach
Sand, sea and sky

Sungayan Grill Floating Restaurant


Day 01

  • 9:40am ~ depart pasay
  • 5:30pm ~ arrival at Bolinao Rock View Resort
  • 5:30pm onwards ~ sunset viewing and siesta mode

Day 02

  • 7:00am ~ breakfast
  • 8:00am to 9:00am ~ Patar White Beach
  • 9:00am to 11:00am ~ Siesta mode again
  • 11:30am ~ depart rock view to sungayan floating restaurant (30-40 minutes away from rock view)
  • 12:30 – 2:00pm ~ lunch at floating restaurant
  • 2:00pm ~ depart sungayan to Alaminos
  • 4:00pm ~ arrival at Lucaf Alaminos

Day 03 

  • 7:00am – 11:30 ~ island hopping
  • 12:30pm ~ depart lucaf to terminal
  • 1:45pm ~ depart terminal
  • 6:00pm ~ arrival in dau (real quick dinner at korean town in angeles city)
  • 10:30pm ~ arrival in Pasay


  • Bus fare (pasay to bolinao) ~ 430php
  • Tricycle fare from Bolinao to Rock View ~ 200php
  • Rock view kubo accomodation ~ 1,500php per night
  • Bonfire ~ 200php
  • Tricycle fare from Rock View to Patar Beach ~ 70php
  • Tricycle fare from Rock View to Sungayan ~ 150php
  • Bus fare from Sungayan to Alaminos ~ 150php
  • Tricycle fare from Alaminos bayan to Lucaf Wharf ~ 100
  • Accomodation at Lucaf Wharf ~ 1,200php per night
  • Island hopping tour good for 4 ~ 1,400php + 80php environmental fee
  • Tricycle fare from Lucaf to Alaminos terminal ~ 100php
  • Bus fare from Alaminos to Dau ~ 300php
  • Bus fare from Dau to Pasay ~ 150php

Note: meal budget not included**

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Xoxo ~



Author: Seth Aquino

I'm a nature lover - wandering around, collecting moments with my camera. Always excited to share with you my travel stories and inspire you to travel the world too.

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