Kawa-Kawa Hill, Ligao Albay 

First in our itinerary is to visit the Kawa-Kawa Hill located in Ligao, Albay. Main reason is to see the beautiful bloomed sunflower. 
Left Manila at 2pm. 12 hours butt-numbing ride again. There are lot of bus station in Pasay. You may ride a bus with the signage “Legazpi” and ask driver to drop you in Kawa-kawa, Ligao. Arrived in Ligao at 2am. They will drop you in front of convenience store which is open 24hours. Beside the store is the “Hotel California”where we stayed first since it’s too early yet to trek, 5 minutes away from Kawa-Kawa. Hotel rate is at 350.00php for 3 hours. A very spacious room, perfect for backpacker like us, besties the explorer.  

Nagpapicture samin si Kuya from Hotel California. Kala siguro artista kami. Charot!
Beshie settling our bill. Left also our (OVER) baggage to them when we started our trek to the hill.

Kawa-Kawa is located at the quiet barangay of Tuburan, Ligao City. Known for its beautiful sunflower farm and being visited every holy week by devotees because of the 14 station of the cross. Locals also made this as their jogging trail. The climb uphill took us 30 minutes with a gloomy weather as there is upcoming typhoon. Sunflowers is only up in the hill every holy week but we still tried hoping that we will get to see those beauties. Sad to say, when we reached the peak, we saw nothing but the 14 station of the cross, trees and mountains. No regrets though, we still enjoyed our climb . The place is picture perfect plus we met some new friends. Such a unique place! 

One of the reason why I love to travel, meeting new friends.

Downhill, on our way back to hotel we saw Kuya Rainier (not his real name, we named Him Rainier because it’s raining. Lol. And oh by the way, it’s signal no. 3 now here in Albay) He asked us, “Gusto niyo po makakita ng sunflower?” And we were like? “WHUT? SUNFLOWER?” 
So, he drove us to sunflower farm located along the highway. We can’t condemn our excitement when we saw the “SUNFLOWERS!”. Good news, there is no entrance fee, we just paid Kuya Rainier 200php(including tip) as tricycle fare / guide fee. We also bought sunflower seeds at php3.00 per seed. We we’re taking photos for like almost an hour because of our excitement. You can’t blame us, right? It’s perfectly beautiful. 


  1. Best time to visit this place is every summer. We were just lucky that the sunflowers in farm were displayed outside because it needs to absorb some sun vitamins thingy. (If you know what I mean. Haha)  
  2. When in budgetarian, put your budget in plastic sorted per day or per place. That would help you manage your budgetarian trip.

Below are some of our photos for your inspiration: 

It is called Kawa-kawa because it looks like cauldron or kawa as we say it in local language.

Indeed, there’s a rainbow always after the rain.
Batanes feels. On our way to the peak
Pineapple farm. Instagrammable isn’t it?

We are “Besties the Backpackers” in Festive Season. Lols

Rewarded ourselves with sili icecream after visiting the sunflower farm. Please be sure not to miss this. Please ask Kuya Driver to drive you in this place. Name of resto in photo already.
With Kuya Rainier, the reason behind our sunflower experience. So thankful we met Him


  • 2pm > Departure in Pasay (Any bus in Cubao or Pasay to bicol that has “Legazpi” signage) 
  • 2am > Arrival in Ligao (ask driver to drop you in Kawa-Kawa, Ligao) 
  • Check-in at Hotel California 
  • 6am > start trek 
  • 7am > descend
  • Ride a tricycle to sunflower farm 
  • 8am > back to hotel. Go home


  • Bus fare from Pasay to Ligao: 1,400php (fare too high because it’s holiday/peak season) 
  • Accomodation: 350php / 2  (3 hours stay) at Hotel California // Facebook page: hotel villa de california
  • Tricycle fare from Hotel to Kawa-Kawa: 10php per person 
  • Tricycle fare from Kawa-Kawa to farm: 200php / 2  (trike rental + tip, this is based on our discretion, since sobrang happy kami because kuya brought us to the farm) 
  • Sili icecream: 25php per cone

Note: Bus fare from Ligao to Manila not yet included as this is just our first stop. 

Next stop —> Legazpi, Albay


Author: Seth Aquino

I'm a nature lover - wandering around, collecting moments with my camera. Always excited to share with you my travel stories and inspire you to travel the world too.

3 thoughts on “Kawa-Kawa Hill, Ligao Albay ”

  1. Hi po! San po kayo nakabili ng sunflower seeds sa ligao city? I mean, the exact location or establishment. Thank you so much!


    1. Hi there! Along the highway po yon. I wasn’t able to get the exact address sorry. But you can ask the locals po doon kung saan yong farm ng sunflower along the highway. Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂


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